>Waiting on Crow

>My river is blown. I guess that’s expected when my lonely gal is a freestoner…no man’s arms to hold her.

So for now, I’m doing all the Spring cleaning and organizing and most importantly day dreaming.

Inspecting the gear to make sure it’s ready for Autumn and the stories and groused adventures She’ll bring. Making sure the smooth bores are lightly oiled and caressing their metallic curves.
Inspecting the dog boots for wear from cholla-choked Colorado scaled quail country.
Becoming reacquainted with some ol’ sports who lived the Upland Shooting Life and wrote about it…the greats…Spiller, Volk, Waterman, Phillips, Evans, Ford, Gaddis, Gram-pa Grouse, Buckingham, Tapply, Holland, Jones, Sheldon, Knight, Hill, and Mulak.

Tying a few elk-haired flies to entice greenbacks in my favorite Sangre de Cristo Mountain stream. Training and conditioning the bird dogs and myself.

Poring through maps of the Comanche and Cimarron National Grasslands and the uplands of Idaho.

But…most importantly…I’m waiting on the murder of crows that keep soiling my deck and hazing the blue birds in their nest.

And…I’m waiting on my Damned Elhew pointer that’s ran off for the umteenth time! If you should cross paths with her, she really doesn’t need the meds as stated on her collar!

Please check out my recent article on Strideaway (Click Here) about Canine Conditioning and Heat Exhaustion!

Setter Feathers…

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  1. >That looks like a pretty fun summer, my friend. Sorry about the river, but your company looks like it puts up with you pretty good… I imagine that pointer isn't actually running away from you.Take it easy. Fall will be here soon.Andrew

  2. Andy W. says:

    >Sounds like you're having a good day off with a few set backs. To paraphrase Major Payne: "They's got to be some crows that need a little a killin'!" Hope you find Geppedo, the tailless pointer. Andy

  3. >If she still had her tail you wouldn't have any problems. That's apparently where their brains are. At least that's the case with Pride! The part of the brain that controls responses to human commands is gone. All they retain when the tail is gone is the insatiable desire to hunt, find birds, and then hunt some more. Ain't it great??

  4. >Yup–looks blown to me.Still plenty to do until it settles, though–just as you say.There's the dogs and then there's the dogs and then, well–there is the dogs.

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