This morning, Darrin Dallimore and I went fishing on the Mini-Madison. I decided to take my French Brittany, Sunny girl, along to let her get some exercise. I have taken her fishing with me numerous times and never had any problems.

With the water being high and a little off-color, the fishing was slow. I had a few swipes at my fly, but no solid takes. While I fished through one stretch I could hear Sunny barking over the roar of the water. I hollared, “Come!” and began to make my way to the bank. Before I even got within twenty feet of Sunny, I could already smell the pungent odor of pole cat. Yep, she had cornered a skunk and took a nice spritzer in the face.

Since I did not have my phone, I ran up to the car, called Kristin, and asked her to bring me the stuff to wash Sunny as there was absolutely no way she was riding in my car. There is that old wive’s tale that tomato juice works, but don’t believe it. My instructions to Kristin were to bring the following ingredients to make the only formula that I know of to get rid of the Essence O’ Skunk:

1. Baking Soda

2. Peroxide

3. Palmolive Dish Soap

4. And a container to mix them in.

When you mix these ingredients, you want the mixture to be a little pasty and then you apply liberally to the stinky mutt. Below are some pictures of Sunny getting the scrubbing of her life.

Ironically, Darrin and I never did catch any fish today. We fishermen call this “getting skunked.” Obviously, Sunny has taken this phrase to extremes.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Poor Sunny!! And poor You for having to scrub that stinky stuff out of her!!

  2. Maybe you should have dipped the flies in skunk oil or trolled Sunny through the rapids. The trout would either have gone wild or headed for Twin Falls via Greyhound Bus.

  3. Dual Setters says:

    Now theres a trip you won't forget soon. Liked your summary btw.

  4. I hate skunks about like porkies.I hate porkies!

  5. Glen says:

    I used that same formula in SD worked well. Just was afraid of getting it in Bandit's eyes.

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