Classic Boots & Classic Doubles: Gokey Legend

The heydays of the classic American double gun began at the end of the 1800’s and went into the 1900’s until about the start of WWII. Such renowned companies the likes of Parker Brothers, Lefever Arms Company, L. C. Smith Shotgun Company, Ithaca Gun Company and The Three-Barreled Gun Company. John Moses Browning’s last patent the Superposed came onto the scene in 1931. Classics, we’ll never see again in this day of autoloaders and non-toxic shot.

Winchester Model 21 16 bore and Gokey Boyt/Sauvage Oxford

Another American company was already on the upland scene during those heydays…crafting leather boots worn by upland gunners and market-hunters during banner years of grouse and woodcock. The Gokey Company established in circa 1850 has been making their handmade boots and shoes for over 170 years. 170 years of unmatched leather craftsmanship…No any other company out there that can claim such a feat.

Gokey Boyts in Mearn’s quail country

I’ve been a huge fan of their boots for many years…they are the most gorgeous and comfortable boots right out of the box. I’ve worn boots from all of their competitors but nothing compares to their craftsmanship, quality, comfort and durability. I’ve worn my Gokey Boyts in rim-rock steep Idaho chukar country and on the cholla-choked shortgrass prairie of Colorado to the rugged-rocky draws of Arizona’s Mearn’s quail country. Flawless performance and never a blister or sore spot on my feet.

Gokey Boyts and circa 1888 Parker 16 bore hammer gun with Damascus barrels

Gokey was recently purchased by the Boyt Harness Company which is a Nimrod’s-match-made-in-heaven. The Boyt Harness Company has a large inventory of upland goods for the gunner and his bird dogs. Gokey has their own line of quality bird dog and gun accessories.

The Three-Barreled Gun Company 12 bore with Damascus barrels and Andrew Wayment’s great grouse book

One thing I love about Gokey is their top notch customer service. They are friendly and very good at answering questions and will even fix your boots if they need to be stretched for better fitting or if they are in need of a repair. I’ve had my original Gokey’s re-soled that I bought from the Orvis Company. Gokey has fast, free shipping to the lower 48 states. Become a Gokey Legend and get a pair this summer for the up coming upland season…use code BIRDDOGDOC15 and get 15% off your next pair of upland boots or classic shoes.

A.b. Frost

The upland season isn’t far away. The Arkansas edges are about to clear and it’s the season for chucking big ugly flies to hungry browns stacked on the edges. Few trips here and there and then it’s that season we all live for…Upland gunning.

Setter Feathers…

Idaho sharp-tailed grouse and a Parker hammer 16 bore

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  1. Birdhunter says:

    Excellent review and even better still life photography! How are these on support? I had a pair of Russell’s Birdshooters and there was no support. They were useless for any serious western bird hunting. They truly are like moccasins! I like them (great leather) but only wear the to the office now.

  2. Sue Ellen Fox says:

    Good article but you left out A H Fox!!

  3. Sue Ellen Fox says:

    Went to Boyt sight and no mention of Gokey boots. Even typed it in the search bar and it said NO RESULTS??

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