>Paraphimosis and C&H Pure Cane Sugar

>Last week a 16 week old Pointer pup presented to my clinic with a condition termed paraphimosis…which is a condition where a male dog has the inability to retract his penis into the preputial sheath or prepuce. I’ve only seen a handful of these dogs over the last 12 years. This was the worst one…minus the stallion that had this condition for several days before the owners called me, and the horse was euthanized due to the dead, necrotic tissue!

This puppy’s penis was so swollen and engorged to the size of a large man’s closed hand, and the sheath’s opening was the size of a quarter. Good thing I’m a equine vet because the first thing I sent my techs for was the C&H Pure Cane Sugar packets…they all looked at me as if I were crazy! Sugar has a hyperosmolar affect and can reduce edematous swelling of mucosal membranes! It took a few minutes, but we were able to replace the penis into the sheath, and I sutured a portion of it closed to prevent it from happening again. This puppy recovered very nicely and is back to normal thanks to C&H!

This photo was taken after the penis was replaced into the sheath. The before photo was too graphic to put on here (poor pup)! You can still see the swelling associated with it and note the two sutures at the tip of the sheath

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  1. Deer Passion says:

    >OMG.. that looks so painful… poor dog.. Thank goodness there’s good vets like you..

  2. >Yep, those were my thoughts too! Ooouuch.

  3. >Man, Thanks for that graphic veterinary lesson! Yuck! It kind of reminds me of the time Sunny was chewing on a piece of wood and somehow got a splinter lodged in her neck. Before it popped, he neck grew to the size of a grape fruit and after it popped it drained gross stuff for a long time. I’m still traumatized over it!Andy

  4. Kathleen says:

    >Whoa. Poor pup. How scary for the pup’s owner, too.

  5. smartdogs says:

    >Is the hyperosmotic effect also a factor in the use of medicinal honey? It would probably make sense if one thinks of both as solutions. The high extracellular sugar concentration causes fluids to move out.Glad the pup found someone like you who knew of such a simple and effective cure!

  6. >I've heard of this, but have never seen it. I didn't know about the C&H either. Thanks for sharing this tip.

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