If you’ve read my book, Heaven on Earth: Stories of Fly Fishing, Fun & Faith, you know that I started bird hunting and fly fishing in earnest around the same time that I entered law school.   My favorite show at the time and still one of my all-time favorite bird hunting shows is “Hunting With Hank.”  Of course, I appreciated the Llewellyn Setter Hank’s hunting ability, but I also appreciated the respect that Dez always showed to the precious upland game birds we pursue and also the celebration of the great tradition of our sport.  Dez is a class act, for sure.

Dez Young, Host of “Hunting with Hank” and “Upland Days with Dash & Dez.”
This picture is actually of Dez and Hank’s son, Dash.

Since those days of yore, Dez has written a book, Hunting With Hank, and also hosted a show with Hank’s son, Dash, called, “Upland Days with Dash and Dez.”  I understand that Dez has written an audio book of the same name.  To learn more about, Dez Young and his excellent bird-hunting shows and books, please follow this link:

Over the last few years, I have been fortunate to be a friend of Dez’s on Facebook and on the Bird Dogs & Fly Fishing group that Shawn and I started on Facebook.  Through this group and also from Dez’s show, I know that Dez is also a fly fisherman.  So I decided to ask Dez if he would like to review a copy of my book, Heaven on Earth: Stories of Fly Fishing, Fun & Faith, which he graciously agreed.  With some of the spiritual themes in the book, I was not sure how it would be received.  So, of course, I was excited to hear that Dez enjoyed the book.  Here is his review:

Andrew, finished your new book…my review follows:

I grew up in an extended family that loved the outdoors. As I read your new book, filled with stories of your family and friends, memories of my days fly fishing on the stream and chasing birds in the field with my Uncle Bill and Cousin Gary came flooding back to me. I believe that is one of the gifts of good story teller…it brings back stories of one’s own adventures and experiences. Your story telling did that for me as I turned page after page. Thank you for sharing your memories with me.

Dez Young

Thank you Dez for the great review.  It is a true honor!

The book is available on Kindle at this LINK and in Nook at this LINK.

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