“And God saw everything that he had made. And they were very good.” –Genesis 1:31

I wanted to share with the readers of Upland Ways  the artwork of my friend, Walter Bruning. Walter has been a friend of the Wayment Brothers since 2008 and he was a contributor to our blog Upland Equations, which was the precursor for Upland Ways.  We asked Walter to join forces with us because of his wealth of experience in all things upland including dogs, birds, fine double guns, conservation, and even writing.  Walter was one of the original board members for Pheasants Forever and wrote numerous articles for various hunting magazines.  I didn’t know until recently that Walter is also an excellent artist.

Walter Bruning and his Elhew, Pride.
Walter Bruning and his English Pointer, Windtuck Colorado Pride.

In October of 2008, I had the good fortune of spending a week with Walter and my brother Shawn in the uplands of Idaho.  While the hunting was tough, we shared some beautiful days together.  I did not realize that this was Walter’s last hunt on wild birds until I read his website.  I am honored that Shawn and I could spend this time with Walter.  Be watching the next couple of weeks for a post about a banner day we shared together hunting sharptails at our favorite covert, the Royal Macnab.  What a glorious day that was!

The Royal Macnab.
The Royal Macnab by Walter Bruning

Unfortunately, Walter’s days afield are at an end, but hunting and fishing are still close to his heart.  On his website, Walter wrote: “Since my hunting, shooting and fishing career is over, I paint God’s world from my memories . . . .”  As you look at Walter’s paintings, it is evident that he has truly been there and done that.  It’s good to know that Walter can still feel that special connection to Nature and Nature’s Creator through paintbrush and paper.

This is a painting by Walter from our sharptail hunt in 2008,
This is a painting by Walter from our sharptail hunt in 2008,  This painting captures one of my favorite places in the height of its glory.  Of course, I bought it.

As you can see, Walter’s artwork is excellent.  I should note that the paintings Walter sells on his website are original watercolors and not prints. Walter also does commissions, so if you have a scene that you want captured from your outdoor adventures keep him in mind.

Woodcock . . . No Snipe! by Walter Bruning
Woodcock . . . No Snipe! by Walter Bruning. I absolutely love this painting because it captures so grandly the aspen uplands.  This is my personal favorite from Walter’s portfolio.

The absolute coolest thing about Walter’s endeavors is that the proceeds from the paintings go to a good cause.  Except for a small amount to cover his expenses, Walter donates the money to Brother Benno’s Foundation for the Poor and Homeless.  Walter just started the website a few weeks ago and he has already donated more than $1,200.00 to this worthy cause.

Fast Water Rainbows and Browns.
Fast Water Rainbows and Browns by Walter Bruning.

I encourage you to check out Walter’s website, A Big Brush With Nature to see more of his work.  I am sure you will find his excellent paintings visually appealing and reasonably priced.  People like Walter make me want to be a better person.  I am honored to call him my friend.

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  1. Andy thank you so much but Pride has a complaint. She is “Erin’s Southern Pride” Pride. You have her breeding in error. Elhew line is great but she is proud of her “southern daddy” and even more so of her grand-daddy, “Erin’s Southern Justice”, National Field Trial Hall of Fame inductee 2008.
    You are a good friend Andy

  2. Walter, I thought the pointer world revolved around Elhews! My apologies to Ms. Pride. I fixed it.

  3. As I wtite this from my new winter home in Florida, I have a Walt Bruning water color hanging over my desk right now. Walt, this reminds me daily of our grouse and woodcock days around my cabin in east central Minnesota. I wish you well dear friend.

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