>Day Dreaming

>I came across these drawings while looking at AYA’s website. I guess it doesn’t hurt to window shop and daydream! I got my AYA a couple years ago, and I’m still in love with my sweet Spanish gal! Here’s a link to AYA’s website…day dream away!

Grouse season will be upon us in 77 short days and a wake up!

Enjoy the Summer & live life to its fullest!

Setter Feathers…

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  1. >Go to the AyA link and check out my gun:"Model 'XXV' SLOne of the most famous English guns of the early 20th century was the Churchill XXV — a 25-inch barreled gun developed by the English shooting instructor, Robert Churchill."Mine was built in 1967, is 12 bore, and weighs just under 6# 8 oz. Robt. Churchill had it right. I've shot every barrel length in the field and the XXV guns are the best! Must admit that I am a tad biased on the subject. I also have the "fraternal twin" boxlock XXV in my gun safe.

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