>Chris Mathan & The Sportsman’s Cabinet

>I wanted to share a great photo done by my friend (& soon to be Kansas quail hunting partner-in-canine-crime…I won’t hold it against her that she hunts with pointers and hasn’t seen the true “setter- light” yet) Chris Mathan co-founded Strideaway.com and owns and operates a design and marking firm specializing in the shooting sports industry out of Gorham, ME called The Sportsman’s Cabinet.

Chris’ portfolio includes some pretty impressive work like Dogs Unlimited, Northwoods Bird Dogs, and Davis Quail Hunts…just to mention a few!

I really enjoy Chris’ photography of bird dogs chasing wild birds and of the grouse & horse back trials. Chris’ photos demonstrate field-realism and bird dogs doing what they do best! Recently, her photographs were featured by the Ruffed Grouse Society!

Great work Chris!


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  1. Dale Hernden says:

    >That's got to be one of the best puppy pictures I've ever seen.

  2. >Chris does take awesome pictures, Shawn — I have one myself. As a former resident of the Great State of Maine, I would like to point out that Gorham has not (yet) been invaded and taken over by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.all bestAndrew

  3. >One of the CUTEST puppy pics ever!

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