>The Unforgettables & Other True Fables by Bill Allen

>Just received my much anticipated copy in the mail today from Strideaway’s Chris Mathan. So far I’m thoroughly enjoying Bill’s book! Readers that want a copy of Bill’s book can order it through Strideaway.com.

Photo was taken by Chris Mathan and published on Strideaway.com’s Facebook page—thanks Chris

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  1. >Shawn, what is the book about? I looked at Strideaway but couldn't find it.

  2. Strideaway says:

    >Walter, do a search for Bill Allen…http://www.strideaway.com/strideaway/index.php?/categories/25-Bill-AllenThe information is gone because we only have a few more copies left. If you are interested in buying the book, please contact me and I will email you an orderform. If we get enough interest, we will do another edition. chris@strideaway.com

  3. >ShawnI sent a check to Chris today! I hope he hangs onto one for me.

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