The Old Boy and Pride: Old Boy Grows Older!(Apologies to Robt. Ruark!)


Another day at the game club. Thought you might like to see the “elegant” clubhouse. Note the founding date. It is rumored among the oldtimers that Roy Rogers was a member of the original group. He lived in Victorville, CA just a few miles away from the present site. It was moved here about 10 years ago. There are only about 90 members and Pride and I are privileged to be among them.

There was more snow on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. When I drove in on Thursday there was slush on parts of the highway, cars went by heading for the Interstate with snow on them and some of the puddles at the club still had ice on them when I drove out to the field with my birds.

I put out three chukar today, one at a time. All told Pride had about 90 minutes of work. How she loves to run! Here she is checking back to the gun and about to pivot forward again. Her natural quartering range is 75-100 yards in front with loops back to see if I’m still moving. A good idea with a septuagenarian!

She is so classy on point! If this had been a flushed bird, repointed, without man-scent, that tail would be ramrod straight up into the air. The little bit of curve says “I know you’re the author of this chapter, boss.” But she plays the game to humor an old guy. Hell, I supply the dog biscuits and she knows that.

The wonderful old AyA XXV 12 bore with the Churchill-style high rib. I love these guns. Today’s “modern” shooters seem to disdain them for the 29-30″ items. I believe Chuchill debunked that 70 years ago and thank goodness the Basques agreed. This gun was made in 1967 and the engraving is superb. I imported it from a wonderful gunmaker in Glasgow, Scotland last year for a fraction of the cost a new one. It is perfect for upland game.

A new trick with gamebirds. Lots of people know to filet the meat, pound it flat, dip in egg and flour/bread crumb mixture and then lightly saute in olive oil. Two truths I’ve unearthed: use whole wheat flour with the bread crumbs, half and half. The flour does not scorch as white flour does. Second, chop up 7-8 cloves of garlic and drop them in the skillet during the saute step. When done, put the bird “cutlets” on a platter, leave the browned garlic and deglaze the skillet with some lemon juice and a little white wine. The wine is not necessary but I like it. Pour the garlic and liquid in the skillet over the cooked filets and serve it up with spicy rice, green vegetable and a tomato garnish. White or red wine with it; I prefer red. This evening though I had a good Sauvignon Blanc. Very nice!

Ready for the feast. We had some fresh grapes for desert and I had a little port later on. Wonderful way to celebrate a great day in the field with Pride. The only negative? Joanne had to work. Bummer. Next week she goes. There will be better pictures for sure. I don’t handle gun, dog and camera all at once with much grace.

The Old Boy Grows Older. Thank you Lord!

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend a day! Love garlic, I'll have to try it that way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wish I could fix birds for you like this. They are really, really good. Pheasant works even better.

  3. Andy W. says:

    Walter, Sounds like a good day and some good eats! I can't wait to be outside again . . . Maybe fishing tomorrow. Andy

  4. "The little bit of curve says "I know you're the author of this chapter, boss." But she plays the game to humor an old guy."Nice line!

  5. David says:

    Fantastic! Good fun and good food, it's hard to beat!

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