Upland Ways Happenings

The Arkansas River basin snow pack is at 140 percent this year and our winter isn’t over just yet.  We’re in that in-between season waiting patiently for the snow to melt and turkey to return to their leks and the caddis to hatch.  img_0337

Andy was recently featured on the Orvis’ Hunting & Shooting Podcast with Reid Bryant about his excellent book Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting…it’s an awesome and fun interview.  Give it a listen to!  You can find it on iTunes or any of the other podcast platforms.  I highly recommend reading Andy’s book…not just because he’s my brother. It’s a great read!  iTunes Podcasts



I was recently interviewed by Tom Keer about my fall with my beloved Ithaca NID grade 1 .410 side by side.  Tom’s Field and Stream article is a great read and can be checked out here Tom Keer’s Article.


Finally Christine Peterson interviewed me on 5 tips for camping with dogs for online Outdoor Life which can be checked out here OL article.





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