Halloween Fishing and Limber Tail Syndrome for Strideaway.com

Today the children were out enjoying festivities for Halloween while me and my childhood friend, Matt Lucia, enjoyed a great day on the Arkansas river. Our morning started out at Barry’s Den for a delightful breakfast while the sun warmed the river a bit. The fishing for the last day of October was rather surprising!…

Current Field Dog Vaccination Guidelines

Here’s my latest contribution to Strideaway.com on the 2011 AAHA Vaccination Committee’s Guidelines.    Next Strideaway topics on canine medicine will include 10 top useful tips and understanding canine pyometra disease. Setter Feathers…

Canine Reproduction Part III: Parturition

My river is blown with the snow-melt runoff.  It’s gonna be a helluva runoff season too with the snow base at 130 percent of normal. Grouse season is a mere three LONG months away.  It’s time to renew auld acquaintances and do my do-diligence’s at work so that I get enough attaboy’s for the Fall….

>The Unforgettables & Other True Fables by Bill Allen

>Just received my much anticipated copy in the mail today from Strideaway’s Chris Mathan. So far I’m thoroughly enjoying Bill’s book! Readers that want a copy of Bill’s book can order it through Strideaway.com. Photo was taken by Chris Mathan and published on Strideaway.com’s Facebook page—thanks Chris