>Bird Dogs, Blue Grouse, and Grouse Bums!


September First…what a glorious day to begin the 2008 bird dog season! IMO there are two seasons…Bird dog season and waiting for bird dog season!

We had a great time in Colorado the past few days. The weather conditions were near perfect for chasing Colorado grouse. The mountain grasses were very lush and the grass hoppers and berries were thick to say the least! AND…there were wonderful grouse…blues and sharp-tails! It was a good hatch for Colorado grouse this year!

We had an assortment of dog breeds from Italian to French to English! No dog breed snobs here! The dogs did an incredible job, and it was a joy to watch them do what they were bred to do! Remember when in the field to always put them first. Check their eyes for weed seeds and hydrate them very frequently!

The summer preseason conditioning paid off on my dogs as well as myself! We ate great food and the company was splendid! I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon! Wish I could spend all my time pursuing grouse with bird dogs!

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  1. >I’ll be there in 11 days, Dr. Dogs!Don’t get all the grouse before Pride and I have a chance. You guys had an incredible opening! Ruffed grouse in Minnesota over 16 years hardly ever produced more than 1, maybe two birds, and sometimes none. I have no experience such as you and your pals had.That little cocker spaniel stole the show!Walter

  2. Dale Hernden says:

    >Sounds like a great trip. Glad you had fun and a successful hunt.Dale

  3. >Shawn, Those are great pictures. I wish I could have been there with you. Did you see the Traveling Wing-Shooter? I see that the Idaho Fish & Game predicted a bad year for forest grouse in Idaho. I spoke with a client today who hunted this weekend and did not see a single bird. My guess is there are plenty of birds out there for those willing to put in the time. Andy

  4. >Shawn: what kind of dog is that in the 6th picture down? Is that the Italian dog? A Braque Italiano?Congrats on a great season opener. We had to make do with some preserve grouse this morning. It was hot enough, though, that I was glad me and the boys actually had some heat conditioning behind us.bestA+M+M+J

  5. >Thanks for the comments you all!Walter…you’re right about the cocker! She’s a gem! Can’t wait to watch her carry a 7 pound sage chicken!Andrew…you’re right! That’s one of those Italian dogs! Bella’s a bird dog!Andy…I don’t know how they tell what the forest grouse numbers are unless you’re out in the woods! Colorado sure has banner numbers…just hope the sage grouse are doing as well!Shawn

  6. Matt Ortiz says:

    >Shawn,Looks like you had great hunt as well! All in the open parks? I found all our birds in a few yards from the edges. We also took two very imature birds, maybe a second hatch? Good Luck with the Sage Grouse!Matt

  7. Mntmaniac says:

    >IMO there are two seasons…Bird dog season and waiting for bird dog season! Made me laugh out loud! Great pics, mmake me miss September in Colorado chasing Blue Grouse and chukar on the Wasted Slope.B.

  8. Mike Spies says:

    >Shawn – Terrific photos! Looks like you did well in all respects. Mike

  9. BlacknTan says:

    >Doc,Great dogs, great pics, and great scenery…Who could ask for more??I’m jealous!

  10. Chet says:

    >Is there anything better than the sound of flushing wings!

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