Canine Reproduction Part III: Parturition

My river is blown with the snow-melt runoff.  It’s gonna be a helluva runoff season too with the snow base at 130 percent of normal. Grouse season is a mere three LONG months away.  It’s time to renew auld acquaintances and do my do-diligence’s at work so that I get enough attaboy’s for the Fall.   Enjoy your Summer…don’t forget about your bird dogs.  Get out on your home waters and toss a few dries.

Here’s a link to my recent Strideaway article on Canine Parturition which is part number III in the series.  Also, be watching for my article in Field Trial Magazine in the Summer issue on Canine Heat Exhaustion.

See ya on the waters…

Setter Feathers…

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