Things have been pretty busy since my book, Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting: The Heartbeat of the Woods, came out in August.  I am so grateful for the positive response and reviews  that I’ve received so far.  If you haven’t read the reviews yet, here is the link to amazon.


I’ve been a friend of Ron Boehme on Facebook for awhile but learned of him beforehand on Steve Rinella’s, MeatEater.  I really enjoyed all of the episodes of MeatEater that Ron was in because they featured birdhunting.  I  first learned that Ron had his own podcast, The Hunting Dog Podcast, when he featured my brother Shawn.  I suspected that Ron was a character from all of these.


Of course, I was honored when Ron asked me to be a guest on his podcast this week.  Even though Ron gave me a hard time about being a duffer of a shot, I can honestly say that I had a good time talking with him about hunting in Idaho and my book.  We had some good laughs, for sure.  And I can attest that Ron is a real character.  For those of you who have not yet listened, here is the LINK.  Go check it out!

Ron wrote/said a few things about Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting that I wanted to share with you.  In his introduction to the podcast episode, he wrote:

We dig into Andy’s new Book Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting, get some education, some laughs and some memories. Then go buy his newest book. Andy writes from the heart. No exaggeration, no impossible feats,  just a bird hunter/dog lover who shares his passions. If I could write a book, this one is how I would picture it!!

During the podcast, Ron further said something to the effect that: “From reading your book, I feel like I already know you and that we have hunted together.”

That’s exactly the effect a writer wants to have on someone.  Thanks Ron!  As I mentioned on the podcast, you are welcome to come miss birds with me in The Outhouse any time!

See Ron, it is possible.
Lastly, I just placed another order for books, so if you want a signed copy, follow this link to find out how.




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