I am happy to report that my book, Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting: The Heartbeat of the Woods, was officially released on Monday, August 13, 2018.  The response has been exciting, to say the least.  The book is currently the No. 1 New Release in Hunting and also No. 1 New Release in West Mountain United States Travel (I didn’t even know this was a category) on amazon.com.  I feel very honored and blessed by the support.


As many of you know, I offered a preorder through the blog and the response was wonderful.  Thanks you so much for your support! The books were mailed out last week and those who ordered should be getting your books any day now (if you have not already).


The demand was such that I have decided to continue to offer signed copies to those who are interested.  I placed another book order last Monday and will continue to order as many as I need to fill the demand.  If you have a PayPal account and you live in the United States, please send me a payment for $29.00 ($23.99 for book and $5.01 for shipping and handling) to my account at andrewmwayment@gmail.com.  Please include your address in the transaction so I know where to send the book.  If you prefer to mail the check directly, please email me and I’ll tell you how to do this.  Also, if you are not from the U.S. and you are interested in getting a signed copy, email me and we can work out the details on how to get’r done.

Lastly, if you like the book, please post a review on amazon.com, Good Reads, or post something about it on social media using #idahoruffedgrousehunting to help get the word out.  This would be greatly appreciated.  I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Every day in the grouse woods is a gift!

Thanks again,

Andrew M. Wayment

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