>A Gracious Gift


I have been enamored with sage grouse since I was a young teenager…I’ve poured through every piece of literature on these majestic birds that I could possibly find (although there is not very much)!

I know I’ve said this before, but they define the American West and everything that is wild to me…I love being in their presences and walking in the country that they inhabit!

I received this letter in the mail the other day…it is a great honor to me, and it brought tears to my eyes. I’m very grateful to Pride, Joanne, and Walter Bruning for their generous donation on my behalf to a conservation group that I love and respect!
(Please Click on photo to enlarge)

Thank you very much!

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  1. >Shawn, Congratulations on this great honor! I enjoyed this blog entry greatly. I can’t think of a guy who deserves it more. Andy

  2. Dale Hernden says:

    >What a wonderful honor for you Shawn and very gracious and kind gesture from the Brunings.Dale

  3. Mntmaniac says:

    >Shawn, thanks for the visit, sites like yours inspired me to do so. I enjoyed this post when I came across it this morning, you should be very proud & I can relate.

  4. Chet says:

    >People come and go throughout life, but when you find a true friend it’s such a simple treasure.

  5. Kim Sampson says:

    >A very fitting honor for you, Shawn, congratulations! Kim

  6. >Everything comes around, sometimes sooner than you might expect… so nice to see Walter + Pride getting to know each other. Looks like she’s got the skills 8-)Would love to take a run on sage grouse sometime myself. Again, hopefully sooner rather than later.bestA+M+M+J

  7. BlacknTan says:

    >Very impressive, Doc!Proof that good things do happen to good people..

  8. >Thanks for all your comments! I really appreciate the gift!!!!!Shawn

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