>Dog Training with Walter’s new Pride (A Southern Californian in Eastern Colorado)


Walter ventured out from Southern California to see (and get to know) his new Pride and joy! We headed out east to Jim Masolotte’s ranch to work her on some pigeons and what a great day we had! Pride’s a wonderful dog, and I’m very excited for Joanne and Walter to take her back to their Southern Cali home! We’re headed to Northern Colorado in September to chase Sage Chickens with our pointing dogs…of course, I’m taking the little Hell-on-wheels English Cocker with us to retrieve our downed chickens! There will be plenty of tall tails and yarns to come in the very near future!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim Sampson says:

    >I’m thrilled for you, Walter! It’s looks like the perfect match! Wishing you many wonderful days afield,Kim

  2. Jade Brown says:

    >Wow!Love to go through your blog.I stumbled across it as I was looking for an article on dogs.Jade Brown

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