>Chasing Birds with Sterling Part the Second

>Sterling and I made a whirl-wind trip to Kansas Wednesday night to chase quail for the day…what a day we had. We moved 9 coveys in 8 hours of hunting…we kept joking that the stars we aligned right for us! Here are a few photos from our day!

Gretchen backing Gep!!!

Sterling and BJ the quail dog

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  1. Deer Passion says:

    >Looks like you had a blast! We’ll be out Sunday afternoon bird hunting.. And now I have my blog to post all the pix!! Thanx for sharing yours.

  2. >Greta photos. i especially liked the house, it looked rather sway-ish. I noticed a double in your hands, care to elaborate?

  3. >DP…Have a great time on Sunday! We had a riot, but the best part was that my dogs were having so much fun!Terry…That is a pretty cool Sway-Backed house! I was meaning to take a photo of that house many times!That’s my very 1st SxS! It’s an AYA 4/53 which is their cheapest one…but I’m in love! It has 29 inch barrels, chokes IC and M, and hits exactly where I’m looking! I swore to never own one because I borrowed a fine, expensive one from my father once to hunt Idaho Valley Quail…couldn’t hit anything with that dang thing!

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