>Author John Taylor and my son Dylan in Southern Kansas chasing Scaled Quail…John is doing field research for his up and coming new book “Autumn Prairie”
When in Rome…I laugh every time I look at this photo…Casey had a great quail dog he’d run down the burrow ditch looking for coveys on a very busy 55 mph hard ball road…this is legal in KS if you know who owns both sides of the road!
This is a photo of Dr. Walt Cottrell from the “Upland Almanac” out in KS a few years ago

Fightin’ Dogs and Cocks at this location! Great place to hunt quail though!

Uncle Gary walking in on a covey

Casey…the ultimate quail bum!
This coming weekend is one with great excitement and anticipation! Not because of it being Super Bowl Sunday and the first time for AZ Cardinals to be there. But, it’s the last chance to chase birds in Kansas this year, and my first time out with Partner-in-Crime and good friend Gary Ruppel. This year with the economy in the crapper, Gary and I haven’t been able to match our schedules so that we could hunt together! We were thinking about heading to Mearn’s Country, but got the call…some 300,000 acres of private access in the Garden City area…prime quail country south of the Arkansas River bottom! Pheasants thick as flies! Anticipation upon anticipation…even if we only move a few coveys a day, it’s all good for me! Here are a few photos from the past few years of chasing birds with Casey and Gary! Can’t wait to get my dogs down there for one last weekend in bird country! Then it’s on to training, skiing, fly fishing and chasing long beards with my long bow! September is just around the corner!

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  1. Dale Hernden says:

    >300,000 acres! Better than s-x!How come you didn’t call your snowbound buddy?

  2. >Sounds like the perfect day. I really enjoy your blog! Sounds like my kind of life… once I get done with school. I’m pre-vet and I too have a love for the backcountry. Take a look at my blog!

  3. >That’s the attitude… less than 9mos to September! Wohooooo.And at least there’s less snow here than up at Dale’s.A.

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