>Great Blogs and Anticipation!

>I’m waiting anxiously for my life long friend Matt Lucia to arrive safely in Denver for our trip to Kansas to hunt birds…quail in particular…but, throw in a prairie chicken (Lesser and Greater) and a few pheasants too! The anticipation is great! Last year Matt and I had an absolute laugh…and there were birds! This should be a great trip with many, many, many stories to tell (and some not to tell too)!

Matt Lucia and Darby with a late January Kansas Rooster
The Kansas Quail Bums with Gary Ruppel on the far left with Jeb the MEAT DOG
This is a photo taken from Hank’s awesome blog Hunter Angler Gardener Cook!
I have enjoyed following his blog and truly enjoyed his post on hanging game birds! Strongly recommend a visit to his site!
Matt…the bird’s right at your feet!
Dang…these birds are hard to hit…and fast!

Kansas…here we come!

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  1. >Hey there,Thanks for the shout-out! I was thinking about doing some Colorado grouse and ptarmigan hunting next year and was wondering if you could recommend anyone?

  2. >Hank…If you want someone who’s an “Indian” guide…email me! I’d show or at least tell you where to go!Shawnbirddogdoc@hotmail.com

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