>Counting Quail & Quail Dogs

>Wind swept Kansas will be in my dreams for the days to come! Day dreams of plum thickets, milo’d edges and Western Rag Weed and tumble weeds will consume my every thought. Red grass and whirring wings with staunch dogs on point. Hearing the coyotes bark and roosters cackle while we patiently sat waiting the chickens to return to the corn fields at dusk. Beat up dogs from giving their all and sore tired muscles from trying to keep up with hard-charging bird dogs! Kansas’s what quail hunters dream about.

Darby the pointing Lab…canine member of the “A Team“<a href="http://3bp.blogspot

Matt Lucia walking in on his pointing Lab

Grouse River Gretchen

Matt looking at the “Wall of Shame” in our lush Kansas home-away-from-home

Gretchen with a nailed railroad bed covey

Perils of birddogs…hard charging Ellie with a battle wound

Darby wore her sweet smelling nose out!

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  1. >Nice pics and great, hard-working dogs! Looks like you had a great time, Shawn. You must be putting even more miles on your truck than we did this fall.bestA+M+M+J

  2. >Shawn, I envy you and Matt. Wish I could have been there to experience the bounty and the fun. To paraphrase Fletch, the dogs were “Billy Jean King Brush Busters” Supreme!Andy

  3. Chet says:

    >Is there a book you recommend on Amateur “in field” Veterinarianing? (I think I made up a new word)I would love a quick reference guide of some sort. Hope your season keeps going well. We are still waiting for the migration. December and still almost 50 degrees!

  4. >Chet…Thanks for the note. There is a good book by Randy Akers and Jim Fergus from Wilderness Press that I would recommend. You can get it from Amazon.Hope you have a great rest of the season too!Shawn

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