>FBEC Ellie

>Being afflicted with the pointing dog bug, I never thought that I’d be so enamored with a FBEC like Ellie! She has tons of personality and is a true joy to have around! And…most importantly, she’s heck on birds! I can see a dog like her in the remainder of my upland days!

Ellie With a Kansas Bobwhite Quail
Kansas Rooster
Sage Chicken
Blue Grouse

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  1. >Shawn, Amen Brother. Ellie is a heck of good bird dog! Ever since I hunted with her, I have wanted a Billy Jean King Brush Buster myself. A French Brittany and a FBEC seems like the perfect pair in the uplands. Can’t wait till you breed her. Andy

  2. >Andy…You’re the first in line for a pup! Can’t wait to hunt with you again…soon! Why don’t you hitch a ride with Matt??!!Shawn

  3. Dale Hernden says:

    >Shawn, tell us more about how she hunts and her training.Dale

  4. >Dale…Ellie’s training has all been on wild birds with me just taking her hunting! She hunts right in front of me as she’s realized she can’t keep up with my pointing dogs! I need to teach her to “hup” which I plan to soon…but for now, I’m just letting her have fun! Wish you were coming to Kansas this week!Shawn

  5. Mike Spies says:

    >When I was a kid my Dad had cockers and we hunted them in pheasants and valley quail. Busy, busy, busy…

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