>Bobs on the Bottom!

>Gep nails a Kansas covey!
Whoa Gretchen!
Great sums of money are spent annually just for a 6 oz Handful of Feathers!
Ms. Karen joined me recently on a quail escapade! We hiked all day long searching for just one covey of river bottom bobs! We found a sundowner covey that made the walking all worth while! I tried to get a photo of the breath taking point of my setter, and whiffed on both the photo and the covey as they blasted past me to the tangles of the South Platte River bottom! I gave them the 2 barreled-salute just to let them know whose side I was on!

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  1. >Shawn, Good to see your better half out in the field, and toting a sweet Spanish side by side to boot. Now that is the stuff dreams are made of. Too bad you flubbed the shot!Andy

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