>A Grouse Hunter’s Almanac by Mark Parman

>I recently received this book…and so far, I’m really enjoying the read.

I’m off to southern Idaho this weekend for 2 weeks of setter chasing…and have my secrete weapon in tow (the FB English Cocker). Stay tuned for groused tales and loads of photographs!

Setter Feathers…

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  1. >Well…. that answers my question about a Saturday Prairie Chicken hunt. I'd rather be going where you're going frankly. Perhaps when you return. I'm looking forward to the tales of your trip.

  2. >Photos, what photos? You are behind the power curve doc. Get with it!

  3. Curt from MI says:

    I downloaded/purchased this book from Google Books.

    I am well along in the read.

    The book is generally enjoyable, but I do not share the authors views on a variety of topics – most of which aren’t worth mentioning.

    However, I think his point of view which eschews the use of GPS for navigation in large tracts of young forest is coming from an irrational place in the author’s ego. This is a good tool, and should be used with a compass.

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