Where Has The Old Man Been All Summer?

Much to Pride the Wonder Dog’s disgust I have spent the spare moments all Spring and Summer of 2010 indulging in the new passion. After ending a brief return to skeet due to that danged arthritis, last December I took up trap shooting. Where has this little diversion been all my life? I shot a lot of skeet and shot some great competitive scores in my day, I humbly submit, and it was a hoot. But there is nothing like whacking a trap target with that full choke in a trap gun!

So I just got my “ultimate” new toy. A fine fellow in Wisconsin parted with this find old Perazzi MX-3 Trap Combo. It’s on its way to me as I type and I can’t wait to get to the range with it!

It appears to be all original, all serial numbers match which on a Perazzi of this vintage is a rare treat since one of the features of this line of fine competition guns is near-interchangeability of parts so there is a lot of “mixing and matching” that goes. I will report later. Pride is just shaking her head and staring wistfully out the back window, trying to spot one of the valley quail that live in the canyon across the street. She’ll have to wait a little longer!

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