>That Sweet Season


“The good Hun dog is a shifty, grinning character who looks back for his hunter every time he sniffs birds and is impatient if you are too slow. A real canine martinet has been known to purposely jump birds when his hunting party dawdles. I have attempted open-country Huns with a cultured English pointer who felt a picture point was sacred, and for all I know his trainer has worn polished boots. He cruised the country-side in high gear and ignored our plodding progress behind him. I whistled at him once and he sneered”…Charley Waterman — Field Days

“There is nothing easy about grouse, and not every upland bird hunter extols them. After all, they hang out in the most rugged and exhausting terrain that thoroughly tests a hunter’s skill, conditioning and resolve. Hunting grouse is hard work, trying at best, grueling at worst. Even when found, grouse prove to be the most unpredictable of birds, both on the ground and in flight. A bird hunter can never figure out a grouse the way he can a quail or a pheasant”…Harry Middleton — In That Sweet Country

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  1. >You're breaking my heart! Oh how I wish I could be there. And, Shawn, the photography is magnificent. If you ever give up the dog doc business you should take up outdoor photography. The grouse tail is a stunning abstract study in my view. Ellie, of course, makes your job easy. Flower-child dog if there ever was one. This is a Fall to remember forever. Walter

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