This weekend was my church’s annual Father & Sons Camp Out. Tommy and I look forward to this every year. In fact, we call it “Father & Sizzlin’s.” Since I was in charge, I picked a spot where we could go fishing and have a high likelihood of success: Birch Creek.

I took Friday off from work, Tommy and his best friend Mason skipped school, and we headed up to the creek in the morning before anyone else from our group. Right after we set the tent up, a Fish & Game truck pulled in to the camp ground. As if by divine providence, we watched the warden plant about 200 fish in our favorite hole. I turned to Tommy and Mason and prophesied, “You boys are going to catch some fish!”

For the next two hours, we all caught fish nonstop. Tom caught a total of 10 fish all by himself. Mason caught 6. I was so proud of them. After a few fish, the light clicked on and Tom exclaimed: “Hey, this is actually fun!” I couldn’t help but think that: This is what I’ve been trying to tell you all along. If it wasn’t for my great Dad, I never would have realized this for myself. Maybe, I’m doing something right.

Below are some pictures of my son learning to love fishing (Sorry about the quality of the pictures, but the wind was blowing and the dust got on everything).

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like a great time!

  2. Cool trip! That fish that tommy caught is pretty big!

  3. Eric G says:

    Andy,That's the coolest story I've ever heard! That sounds like the hand of God setting some fish out to get your boy hooked for life! Or maybe it just happened to be the Fish and Game, either way that is a great story.

  4. How much did you pay that driver to dump those fish in there? Tommy's gonna' think this fishing stuff is easy. You need to teach him how to 'float his hat' next time out, just like your big brother does about every time he hits the brooks!

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