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>Spring has finally decided to settle in! Between-the-crazies as we call it…the time between the gunning season and everything else! We just pray (as gunners) to make it to another Indian summer and the uplands with pointing dogs and the devil cocker afield. Until then, I plan to hit the river as much as possible and spend time with family and friends. My dear friend and partner-in-sage-groused-crime, Walter, is coming out in June for the two of us to try to avoid jail time…read some upland literature and hike the high country lakes around the Sangre de Cristos…my mountains!

In other Blogger Land News, check out my brother’s post at the Upland Equations on H.L Betten…he was one of the greatest writers on upland bird hunting IMO specially if your a western bird enthusiast! Andy is becoming a great writer, and he has a book on fly fishing coming out in the near future…he’s currently working on another book on upland gunning and bird dogs!

Enjoy the crazies…soon it will be setter time!

Setter Feathers…

Grouse River Gretchen In-Between-the-Crazies!

If I had to fish with only one fly, it’d be the Stimulator!
The Snow Capped Sangre de Cristos

My River the Arkansas
Barry’s Den @ Texas Creek…the food is awesome!

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  1. Andy W. says:

    >Brother, Thanks for the plug. I'm glad you had a good weekend on the Ark. For those who love to fish, Spring is as great as the Fall. . . To All Things a Season. I love most seasons, but could take or leave winter. But I realize, no winter, no trout streams. Andy

  2. >They extended my parole indefinitely so I can stay all summer. You will do the cooking, right?

  3. >I agree regarding a stimulator.Love 'em.

  4. >Great scribe and photo journey! Ah… Texas Creek, quite possibly the best swing water in the entire state of Colorado. Other than the Bighorn, it's the only place that numbs the pain until the start of steelhead season. Give me high water, wide banks, a soft hackle, and a loooong fly rod.

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