Becoming a Bird Dog part 2

I apologize to those who might be weary of watching this “evolution of a bird dog” but to me it’s absolutely fascinating to watch the “dance” between a dog (especially a young puppy) and birds.

I edited out a bunch of footage (gets kinda old just watching a dog stand there, unless it’s YOUR dog!)but wanted to show enough of the sequence to adequately illustrate what was happening.

It’s interesting to me that Sunny stood so long knowing the birds were there but at the end of the first clip you can tell from her body language that she becomes a bit unsure. Then she moved up and became VERY certain and stood a while again…then probably got a little cocky and moved up a bit more. Then the birds went. There is NO way I could replicate that kind of “lesson” in any kind of training situation. Perfect example of why birds are the better teacher.

From beginning to end, Sunny held these birds for about 5 minutes. She stood there so long I started wondering if she was really on birds or smelling something behind me like a mountain lion ready to attack! I admit getting a little jumpy and turning off the camera to look behind me (I have seen both bobcats and mountain lions in this area)!

It was a pretty cool thing to watch. There is nothing more thrilling and intoxicating to me than an intense, single-minded bird dog!

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  1. Miss Kim!I am so thrilled! That last clip, especially. The tail is getting up there with the certainty that she has a bird there.You won’t even have to shoot them next year. Sunny and Daisy will surround them and hypnotize them for you. You then need to train a retriever to go pick them up and drop them in a game bag. Think of all the ammo you’ll save!

  2. Sunny sure is gonna be a bird dog! She’s beautiful too!

  3. Lookin good Kim.I should get me one of them pointers and quit foolin with my red devil dog.Gary

  4. Kim Sampson says:

    Thanks, Walter. It would be very nice if I didn’t have to shoot to take home some birds…our game bag would be heavier, that’s for certain!Not sure how she will end up Shawn, but it’s been a fun 5 months!Gary, I doubt pointers have anything on that red rocket of yours! I just hope I get to see her in person one day!Kim

  5. Kirklan says:

    Looks like Sunny is doing great Kim! I too noticed that her tail was steady and a lot straighter. It’s been crazy weather up here this spring and I really need to get Raider out for a couple of days before it’s too late!

  6. Andy W. says:

    Kim, That was very impressive for a pup! Sunny (yes, I love the name) is bound for greatness. Thanks for sharing. Andy

  7. Dale Hernden says:

    Thanks, Sunny put a real smile on my face!

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