>Blue Grouse Dreaming

>Only six more months until September…the caddis flies will soon be hatching on the Arkansas River, but give me blue grouse country in September–Colorado style. Blue grouse country was made for big going pointing dogs. It’s not for the faint of heart…as many of the family coveys will be found at greater than 10,000 feet above sea level where oxygen can be scarce. Most coveys can be found on public lands where the limiting factor is your stamina and dog power. Make sure to bring a lunch and enjoy God’s Country. When you finally find a family group after hours of hiking, remember to limit your take instead of taking a limit. Don’t let the weight in your game pouch determine your level of satisfaction.

Below are some of my favorite photographs of Colorado Blue Grouse Country! When I’m in that phase between sleep and being awake each evening, Colorado Blue Grouse Country is the place I visit.

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  1. Dual Setters says:

    >Beautiful country Shawn. I hope someday to get out that way to see it. Caddis hatch or behind a dog, either way.

  2. Matt Ortiz says:

    >I hear ya! I can’t wait to start chasing those “Duskies”!!

  3. Andy W. says:

    >Shawn, They don’t call us Blue Grouse Hippies for nothing! I can’t wait to chase those fun birds this year either. Colorado is a great place to find em’… A close second to Idaho. JJ. Andy

  4. Eric G says:

    >Shawn, good pictures. I’m already dreaming of September too. Eric

  5. >This was a day of miracles re: the first photo.a.) Miracle the First: Shawn dropped me off with Pride at about 10000 ft. I was to walk down to the parking area, about 5000 feet.b.) Miracel the Second: It was warm. The dog and I just took our time. Thank God it was all downhill!c.) About 20 minutes into the trek the greatest Miracal the Third: A blue grouse flushed in front of me and I knocked it down. I called Pride and she came rushing over.d.) The bird wasn’t there! Miracle the Fourth: a second blue got up and I hit it square and Pride ran over to make a retrieve. She was hot and tired and the mouthful of feathers was too much. She got it halfway back but I picked it up with a sense of awe. Maybe it was the thin air, but I was in a surreal world–the bird, the dog and the God-given mountains.d.) Pride wouldn’t hunt dead and ran off to the side. Flash point a hundred yards away and a bird blushed wild. I got her back to me and we started t slowly hunt the area where the first bird was hit. I found my empty shell. Miracle the Fifth: about 30 yards from where I marked the bird down, she pointed, then leaped in and had the first bird, much alive, but very weak.e.) Miracle the Sixth: I actually made it down the rest of the way to the truck. I was exhausted. Too old for that stuff, but I did it.Probably never happen again but I thank Shawn for his patience and his generostiy to put me where they were.Ut in Omnibus Glorificetur Deus!

  6. Spad says:

    >Just found this site. My 12 yr old son and I spent four days in the mtns hunting Blue Grouse with our 1 year old Red Setter this past fall. What a wonderful sport — close to home. Beats hauling hours out to SoDak or NoDak for pheasant. A dream come true.Can't wait for 9/1/2011

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