>In the Company Of a Gentleman…or Pavlov’s Dogs

>Robert Ruark once wrote that a person can learn a lot about life while watching dogs and that it never hurts to be in the presence of a true gentleman…it might just rub off! With all the woes and throes about stimulating the US economy, I decided to take Ruark’s advice and headed east along Colorado’s beautiful South Platte River…to see if I could engage with a true gentleman…Mr. Bobwhite!

It was a blue bird afternoon…45 degrees and a slight westerly breeze. There were thousands of red-winged black birds fluttering to and fro…at times blacking out the sun and deafening my ears. The dry grasses crunching under my feet as we sauntered along the Platte’s river bottom. Hoping all the while for one last encounter with the resident birds and that gustatory stimulation, like Pavlov’s dogs, of a bird dog suspended momentarily…fixed with her tale-tail sign that we’re in the presence of a gentleman.

Our neighborhood birds were there alright! Gretchen had two very nice covey finds and was able to follow up on several of the singles. For a few hours, the economy woes never crossed my mind and I learned something valuable about life while watching my bird dogs!

On a side note…my brother Andy’s first article was published in this months Pointing Dog Journal about his first bird dog. Andy also has a book at the publishers that should be available in the near future! Congrats Andy…I’m very proud of you!

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  1. Matt Ortiz says:

    >Shawn,Back at it!but without a gun.Matt

  2. Eric G says:

    >Shawn,Love the pics. I was out chasing roosters at Barker Park without a gun this weekend. Lots of geese and ducks, but only one rooster.I can’t wait for Andy’s book and I’ll keep my eyes out for the article.Eric

  3. >Shawn, Gretchen is becoming a bona fide bird hawg like Farley! I want one of her pups if you breed her. I’m glad you guys found some birds and enjoyed the day. I’m sure the sun felt good after a long winter.Andy

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