>Equine Dentistry…one of my other passions

>One of my passions as a veterinarian is equine dentistry. I get tons of satisfaction and reward from floating teeth! It’s pretty neat to see a horse improve in performance and weight gain after I’ve worked on their teeth. Below are some photos of a horse that I recently worked on.

You’ll notice by my license plates where my first passion resides!

Notice the ulcers from the sharp points on the cheeks!

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  1. >Wow, thanks for the info on floating equine teeth. A friend of mine is a large animal vet in S. Oregon and seems to have quite a good reputation for doing this. I always wondered how it was done and nice to see photos of it.

  2. Dale Hernden says:

    >Looks like your pretty high tech nowdays. My old vet used to use a file and I remember having to hold the tongue aside.

  3. Kyli says:

    >Holy cow! I had no idea that a horse’s teeth could get so sharp. I feel bad for that poor horse!

  4. Chet says:

    >I need one of those to check Otto’s teeth!

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