>Bird Dogs, Blue Grouse, and Caddis Hippies

>This past weekend we camped in one of my favorite blue grouse coverts in Colorado. This area use to hold a few great coveys…and every year I’ve enjoyed chasing them with pointing dogs. However, this spot is near a resort town and the word got out to the general public. A few people without reservation can destroy a family group of grouse in short order. The weather was absolutely gorgeous for July. The Blue River’s flow from the run off is returning to fish able levels and there was a great caddis fly hatch going on with an occasional green drake shuttling by. There’s still a lot of snow in ptarmigan country above the treeline. The evergreens are all dying from beetle kill, and the smog is rolling over the mountains from the Denver Metro area!
Oh! By the way…there were blue grouse!

Be sure to check out Walter’s post on Upland Equations (www.theuplandequation.blogspot.com).

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  1. >How come you never invite any old people?Walter and Joanne

  2. Matt Ortiz says:

    >Shawn,Do you have an English Cocker? They are great dogs. One of these days I’ll add one to the mix as well.Matt

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