>Double Gun Addiction


I recently purchased my very first SxS double gun…which I swore would never happen! Now, I’m a SxS double gun addict! I can’t wait to have a love affair this Fall with my Spanish AYA! She’s a dream to handle…and hits what I’m looking at!

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  1. Mike Spies says:

    >Shawn, I knew we would get you one of these days… welcome to the club! Now I want you to tell me that it is a 16 gauge in hunting trim.

  2. >Shawn: don’t let Spies talk you into anything any further than you want to go. You’re just scratching the surface (and compared to Mike, I’m only about 6″ deeper than you are)… when you start recognizing continental proof-marks without a reference book, then it’s too late. Welcome to the SxS club… just be sure to practice with it. They’re beautiful guns but a lot less forgiving of poor shooting form.bestA+M+M+J

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