>Fantastic Dog Boxes

> I recently purchased one of these dog boxes from Jackson Creek Manufacturers in North Carolina. Their service was phenomenal! I used it for the later part of the season last (2007-8) Fall. My dogs stayed warm in freezing rain in Kansas, and they were cool in February when we were hunting Mearn’s quail, and it was 80 degrees out side. I’m very pleased with the dog box and would strongly recommend one for your bird dogs!

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  1. >Shawn: Nice dog box — but that’s a little weird. I have a Deer Creek Uplander for our two boys — which was one the best investments we’ve ever made — which looks similar and has the same name badge on the front. Wonder who really makes these and where?best wishesA+M+M+J

  2. >Hi Andrew….I believe that Deer Creek Is the patent holder of the Uplander…it’s the very same box! There seems to be a number of companies that make the same boxes with the same name! Thanks for your comments as always!Shawn

  3. Chet says:

    >Could I fit a 90lb Drahthaar in one of the sides? What about summer training/driving in 95 degree heat?

  4. >Chet…good questions! I would have one custom made to fit your Drahthaar! I can fit two 35-40 lbs dogs per side…but it be difficult to fit your dog without it being taller! The boxes can have the front and side open for excellent circulation. I bring my dogs to work almost everyday…and heat doesn’t seem to be an issue!

  5. >Chet: ditto to what Shawn said. If your Drahthaar is tall, then they do make a ‘tall’ version. Obviously, one of the major goals is to give them enough space to be comfortable, but not so much that if you get in a crash they just get bounced around from wall to wall. I have two medium-sized vizslas, both about 23″ at the shoulder, both about 45lbs — the regular small-truck two-dog box fits them great.The insulated Uplanders are great. While I do have a cap on my truck with the box inside, I have driven my boys around and about in 0deg weather and 90+ degree weather. And they love it.bestAndrew

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