>Turkeys Can Drive a Person to Drink…or Pull Your Hair Out!

>Every Spring I tell myself that I’m not going to become obsessed with chasing turkeys…Drats…I failed again! It started out in Kansas on public land with my bow. I had 6 good chances to connect with a turkey gobbler and failed miserably on every attempt! Of course this made my turkey chasing become an obsession of the worst degree…the turkeys are gobbling constantly in my head! I went out this weekend for the Colorado Spring opener to 6 inches of snow on both Saturday and again on Sunday…this is nothing of a surprise to me because it seems to happen every single year! I didn’t hear a peep in the turkey woods…some one forgot to tell the birds that it’s breeding season! I have until the end of May to fill my tag in Kansas, but I suspect that I’ll end up eating tag soup as usual! I love being out in the wilds listening to the world awaken around me! Being in the great outdoors is better than being any where else…birds or no birds! I’ll be back this Thursday (somewhere)…until then!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Eric G says:

    >Shawn,I envy your turkey chasing! Sounds like a blast.Eric

  2. Deer Passion says:

    >Turkeys definitely have a way of getting in your head… I went out Sunday iwth a friend and came home empty handed (due to poachers!) and all I can think about is when I can get out there next!! Good luck to you!

  3. Andy W. says:

    >Dude, You should be arrested for blog neglect. I keep checking your blog hoping to see a new post and . . . nothing! Ah . . . man!Andy

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