Season’s End

The season is winding down…tomorrow is the last day for me and the bird dogs to go out and chase birds. Birds of course being quail. We have had a great season and have piles of memories to hold us over the next seven months til it’s time to be back in the grouse woods. Here’s a few images from the Kansas and Colorado prairies.

Setter Feathers…



















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  1. Jerry Allen says:

    Great pictures Shawn. Birds here means ruffed grouse, but I’ve shot wild bobwhite quail and have a fondness for them too. The country you hunt boggles the mind of a New England boy like me. The only place I can compare the wide open spaces to is the ocean, and other than flying fish, there isn’t much wing shooting there. I’ll be looking for your hunting posts in the fall.

    I bet you’re like me…fly fishing is something to do until bird season comes around again.

    By the way, my GWP with the bad CCLs, we opted for quiet time and non-surgery for a bit to see how it goes. It’s been thirteen weeks on a lead and only short walks. A month ago we had a week where I was discouraged and about to call a vet, but since then she’s been great and walks the best she ever has, with leg in normal dog position (meaning bent and flexing). I’ve let her off lead the last couple of days for a short walk and she shows no ill effects at all. I’m planning to give her until the first of March, and if she show’s signs of hobbling at all then, it’s off to the surgeon, but so far so good. She is mellow for a bird dog, so that helps quite a bit.

    Thanks again for listening when I needed an ear for my dog problems.

    So now I guess I say,
    “Tight lines”

    1. birddogdoc says:


      You’re so welcome. I hope she does not need surgery and keep me posted!

      Anytime you want to head West…I’d take ya out to chase birds!


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