Grouse Camp

Glorious September has commenced…days of anticipation are over and the gunning season is upon us.  The aspen hues of green will soon change to gold…but as the poet penned nothing gold can stay.  Nothing gold can stay, so get your bird dogs and take them into the grouse woods of Colorado or wherever for that matter.

September the first, that’s exactly what Gary, Rod, Scott and I did.  High above the Grand River we chased coveys of blues in the company of bears and elk and a plethora bird dogs.  The grouse were there in full fledge, and we chased them all over the mountains.

Camp was beautiful and the company splendid.  See ya in the grouse woods…

Setter Feathers…

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  1. Dale Hernden says:

    2 weeks before our season starts. Had the ut this morning. It was 45 degrees YEAH! Found both grouse and woodcock.

    Daisy came home from SD but wish she was with you. She’d love to run all over that country!

    Can’t wait for KS.

  2. Erin Block says:

    Frost is right. Nothing gold can stay…but I love this time of year, and sometimes wish it could.

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