Greetings, fellow Birdbrains. With yesterday’s purchase of Hunting the Sun: A Passion for Grouse, I just finished my quest to acquire all of Ted Nelson Lundrigan’s books.

For those of you who have not read his work, he is a great author. I first came across his work in an anthology entitled: Bare November Days and have been a fan ever since. Along with Hunting the Sun (which is his first book), Lundrigan has written two other books: Grouse and Lessor Gods and A Bird in Hand. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Lundrigan’s books. The talented Bob White did all the artwork for the latter two books and they are indeed beautiful.

Lundrigan is from Minnesota and the bird of his heart is the ruffed grouse. Thus, much of his writing is about pursuing that noble game bird. However, he also writes about hunting bobwhites, pheasants, and sharptails. Lundrigan’s hunting companions include Joel Vance and the late, Michael McIntosh, both great bird-hunting writers in their own right.

Like me, Lundgrigan is an attorney by profession, but don’t hold that against him! His profession has served him well as he is a wordsmith unequaled by most of his contemporaries and he tells a good story. I have no qualms with recommending any of Lundrigan’s books to the followers of Upland Equations.

Oh, and just a tip, Hunting the Sun, is now listed on Amazon.com lower that it has been in a long time. . . . Since it is his first book (and arguably his most popular), it is the toughest to find at a decent price. Better get it quick before its gone. Believe me, I’m speaking from experience!

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