>Making of a Bird Dog

>Quail are the perfect bird to make a bird dog. I’ve seen several dogs have their lights flip and shine brightly while in pursuit of these delectable birds. I’ve also witnessed some season veterans go berserk.

My first pointer, Jibbers, lost her mind once on a thousand bird covey of valley quail on the Snake River in Washington’s Palouse country. She sold the family farm and repented the following Sunday for the aroma of a thousand running devils tantalizing her nares.

Below are some of my favorite photos from some recent makings of a quail dog and the words of wisdom from the Quail-Poet-Laureate-Himself Professor Babcock.

“I had rather hunt quail than do anything else in the world. Well, almost anything anyways. It is then that my spirits are buoyant, my disposition amiable, and my language more or less chaste. And my gastric juices flow along with a sweet unawareness.”

Havilah Babcock–Just Cover it with Gravy
The Best of Babcock

“Bird-finding, of course, comes before bird-shooting. Birds, like gold, are where you find them. They may also be in a lot of other places. Given the same dogs and the same territory, one man may put up twice as many birds as another. An inexperienced hunter finds his game by accident or the process of elimination. An old hand, seemingly, by instinct.”

Havilah Babcock–How to Hunt Quail
The Best of Babcock

Setter Feathers…

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