A Lab a day keeps the Dr. away.

Dear Folks,

Myself, Emma and friends, enjoyed a great day pheasant shooting last saturday, only for me to go down with a particularly nasty flu bug the following day.

Is it Swine flu? In all honesty I don’t know, but it has certainly put me out of the hunting loop for a few days.

I always go down with something like this during the shooting season, and perhaps I ought to consider getting a flu shot?

Anyhow, here’s a photo of me on my bed of pain, assisted by nurse Willow. I was out for the count when Emma snapped it, and clearly Willow thought her dad needed some TLC. Mans best friend? Well I think so.

Best regards from the sick bed,

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  1. get feeling better soon. Good to see nurse Willow is keeping an eye on you.

  2. Get well soon my friend! Nothing heals faster than a wound with dog slobber on it!

  3. danontherock says:

    You may be sick but you guys look cozy. Get well soonregardsDan

  4. Scolopax says:

    Many thanks for the good wishes folks. Feeling a little better now. Not quite roadkill over a low burner.Lord I HATE the flu!Scolopax.

  5. Oh, Scolopax, bummer about the flu! But 'tis the season. And the dog did look pretty content to be playing nursemaid…

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