>Black Friday Nemesis OR Cantankerous Phookars!

>Chukars are my nemesis! They’re certainly not a gentleman’s bird by any standards. They run up hill just to turn around and jet right back to where you just came from. About the time you think you’ve got them figured out…they embarrass you again and again. Chukars are bird I love to hate! And the dogs…God’s country, but Hell on their feet! Nothing quite like setter feathers in the wind on the edge of Idaho rim rock country!

Black Friday was spent in Sun Valley with my brothers, Jake and Andy, and our combined 4 bird dogs. We found plenty of birds to embarrass us all day long…but, it was worth every memory! The older I get, the more important photographs of the days events become. The day was exactly what everyone should experience in their life time…and we had birds all around us with 8 coveys found by the dogs. We even encountered huns where we expected chukars. When we returned to the truck, the 7 of us were worn out and ready for some good tacos!

Walter my friend…these photos are dedicated to you!

Julian…can’t wait to walk in Hemingway’s country with you!

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  1. Andy W. says:

    >In the timeless words of Burt Spiller: "There are times when even the mightiest hunter might justifiably wrap his gun around the nearest tree, and there are other times when the lowliest of us upon returning home, would, if we received half our due, be met by the Silver Cornet Bank in full regalia, playing "Lo, the Conquering Hero Comes." For me, Black Friday was definitely the former! But I still had a great time. Thanks brother. Andy

  2. Kim Sampson says:

    >Nice report, Shawn!! Nothing better than roaming the high rough country in search the mighty chukar! Today was the 30th day I've spent hunting the evil little devils and I keep thinking I need to post something about my adventures but I am running kids a million different places after school, coaching my daughter's volleyball team, and basically, just trying to keep things running in a somewhat efficient manner at home. And after all that, it's time to go hunting again :-)!!It sounds like Idaho's chukar population has fared better this year than last, which is pretty much what I have found here in UT. We need a couple more years of good nesting/hatching/brooding conditions to bring them back to the level of 5-6 years ago though. Great report, and I'll try to add something to the blog in the near future!Kim

  3. >I'll quit griping about the razor-wire brambles in the northeast! And I'll bring an O2 tank.From what you and Kim said, it would be nice to think that bird populations in the West seem to be back on the upswing — like grouse numbers in the northeast. Here's for a couple more good years!all bestAndrew

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