>Roadside Revelations

>Roadside Revelations is a term coined by my younger brother Andy…meaning that good upland bird habitat that might have been over looked is found by birds being sighted near a road. Today…we found birds in a deserted area cause there were fresh tracts in the snow on an old logging road. Andy and I decided to call the new grouse covert appropriately Roadside Revelation.

It was a beautiful day and the dogs thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did Andy and I. Gretchen made a great find, Andy made a phenomenal shot through the trees, and Ellie made an awesome retrieve. What a glorious day indeed!

We’re heading into Hemingway’s Sun Valley country to chase chukars…

Happy Thanksgiving to all…

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  1. Dale Hernden says:

    >What could be better than two brothers and their dogs. Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

  2. >Thanks Dale! Can't wait 'til you come out in Jan chase quail! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!Shawn

  3. Mike Spies says:

    >Shawn I love that area… and there are still a few birds in huntable locations. Thanks for the reminder.

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