When it comes to the seasons of the year, I unabashedly proclaim that fall is my favorite! Although it’s not technically fall, the cooler weather and the changing colors begin in Idaho right around the first of September. I love September! September has so much to offer, from the garderner’s harvest to the opening of grouse hunting season.

Sunny-girl, with our first blue grouse of the year. Like me, Sunny lives for Septembers.

I’m sure I’m not the only sportsmen who feels this way. I recently read a good book by E. Donnall Thomas entitled: To All Things a Season: Twelve Months Afield with Fly Rod, Shotgun, and Long Bow, and he had the following to say about glorious September:
September! It’s thirty days are never enough. If there were any justice, it would have sixty, or a hundred. Here in Montana, upland bird season (exclusive of pheasants) opens on the first of the month. Bowhunting begins the following weekend, as elk and antelope both start to rut. And to render this embarrassment of sporting riches all but unbearable, the creeks are at their best during the first few seductive weeks of fall, when there are still hoppers on the banks and the big browns are starting to stir.

Fish and game aside, the country here is at its most enchanting in September. Cool evenings spread across the prairie to attenuate the torpor of the days. Colors erupt along the hillsides and creek bottoms. Sound seems to travel forever, and I always start to imagine the music of bugling elk on the distant reaches of the wind. It’s hard to avoid the notion that I don’t really deserve any of this, and in fact I’m pretty sure that I don’t. That is finally what makes September so exquisitely special. It always arives like an unexpected pardon just when I need it most.

Well said, Don. I couldn’t agree more! For me, September is the time for birddogs, blue grouse and big brown trout, a trifecta for bettering anyone’s mental well-being.

Big browns are indeed starting to stir. It was sure fun to wrangle in this snaggle-tooth brown tonight.

When Ole’ Man Winter has me in his clutches, it’s memories like these that help me through.

As an outdoorsman, Septembers have indeed become a much-needed reprieve from the stresses of my every day life. I can’t help but think that the Good Lord gave us Septembers to prepare us for the harsher times to come. Soak it up, because it only lasts thirty days!

It can still get pretty warm on the first hunt of the year in September. After pointing numerous grouse that morning, Sunny pooped out back at the water dish. Not her finest moment, but she deserved it!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. I love Fall and September! It's good to be alive!

  2. Eric G says:

    I have to totally agree, September is a gift direct from Heaven!

  3. Wish I was there, Andy.By the way, you're one up on your big brother on grouse. And, I haven't heard of any Browns that big falling into his net lately!Go Andy!

  4. Dale Hernden says:

    I agree,,,,,,,,,Yea September!!Nice fish too!

  5. Andy W. says:

    Thanks everybody! Hope you all have a great September. Andy

  6. Won't be anything quite as dramatic as chasing wild blues, but happily the boys will get to chase birds for the next two days!Too long coming, but hallelujah to September!bestAndrew

  7. Andy W. says:

    Andrew, I hope you and your dogs have a good time and find plenty of birds! Andy

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