Last year I appeared on The Flush podcast with Travis Frank and he asked me when I was going to publish my next bird-hunting book and I joking said, “Probably in five years.”   I am happy to report that my second bird hunting book, Idaho Upland Days: Reflections on Bird Dogs, Banner Days, and other Roadside Revelations, is done and will soon be available for purchase.    

I wrote the following as the back cover blurb for the book:

With nine species of upland game birds, Idaho is truly a cornucopia for the upland bird hunter and his or her canine companions.  If you are looking for a where-to/how-to book, this is not the book for you.  Rather, this is a collection of stories from the author’s life about bird dogs, beloved hunting companions, banner days afield, and other Roadside Revelations along the way.  Come join Andrew Marshall Wayment as he shares the adventure, the excitement, and the beauty of Idaho Upland Days

Though it comes second, this is actually the first upland bird hunting book that I wrote.  The majority of the stories took place before those in Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting: The Heartbeat of the Woods and before grouse fever got ahold of me.  Many of these stories and essays first appeared in the Upland Equations and Upland Ways blogs as well as various upland-related magazines. For those who read, Idaho Ruffed Grouse Hunting, they may recollect that I was originally going to title the book, Roadside Revelations, after an article that was published in The Upland Almanac, but decided to change the name to Idaho Upland Days and include Roadside Revelations in the subtitle.  Still, this is the same book. 

The book contains thirty-five self-contained chapters on various things relating to bird dogs and upland bird hunting in Idaho.  The book has numerous black and white photos throughout to support the stories and make the book more visually appealing.  I am also pleased to announce that Ross B. Young gave me permission to use his painting “Columbian Sharptails in the Foothills-Sharptail Hunting in Idaho” as the cover of the book.  Another painting of Ross’s, “Sagebrush Huns,” which was inspired by a hunt with my late Brittany, Misty, appears in the Introduction to the book.  What an honor it is to work with Ross, a fellow Idahoan, on this project!   

Sagebrush Huns by Ross B. Young.


At this point, I am just waiting to receive the proof copies from the publisher to review and approve. Once this is done, then the book should be available on  The retail price is $19.95. 

Idaho Upland Days will also shortly be available in hardback on and I am hopeful that all of the photos therein will be in color to set it apart from the paperback.  We still have some work to do to make this happen. 

The major purpose for this post is to offer the opportunity to preorder signed copies of the paperback.  If you are interested, please send to me $26.00 via Venmo to @andrewmwayment.  This amount includes the price of the book and the cost of shipping and handling.  Please let me know with the Venmo payment the address to mail the book.  If you do not do Venmo, please send me an email at and I will let you know where to send a check. This offer is only for those who live in the United States.  If you live outside the United States and want a signed copy, please contact me by email to discuss how to purchase as signed copy from where you live.    

If you have your heart set on the hardback, please hold off and I will prepare a similar post regarding how to preorder a signed copy of the hardback.  The cost will be more, but don’t know exactly how much yet.

Please help me to spread the word by sharing this on your social media accounts! Thanks in advance for your support!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Larry Hill says:

    Looking for hardback

    1. Larry, there is a new post up on the blog about how to preorder the hardback

  2. Robert Petrick says:

    I would pre-order the signed hardcover when’s it’s available.

    1. Robert, I just posted another post on the blog about how to order the hardback.

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