Upland & Downstream Field Collars


A few weeks ago I was pouring through the September/October (2015) issue of the Shooting Sportsman magazine getting mentally psyched for my annual trek west to Idaho to bird hunt with my best friend and hunting partner…my brother Andy. I stumbled on a review by David Draper about dog collars for the hardcore bird hunter…darn! they had me…that were well constructed and durable made with American materials. The most intriguing quality to their collars was the brass snap that keeps the tail end of the collar from bending back. While holding the article in my hand, I glanced at Gretchen’s leather collar and the tail end was bent so far backwards that it was slapping her in the face. Bingo! I had to have a couple of these Upland & Downstream collars.


I ordered The Countryside with the orange American Duck Wax Cotton, American bridle leather and their patent-pending tail-snap design. They have excellent customer service. Jessica contacted me via email to have me get an accurate neck size on Gretchen and Danny so the brass name plates could be properly centered. It arrived two days later via USPS Priority mail.


Mr. Draper’s review was legit…these are the best upland bird dog collars I’ve ever owned!




The founders of Upland & Downstream obviously have a passion for sporting dogs and the uplands. They wanted to use good quality American material to create a collar that was safer for pets and have a touch of class and elegant style…they have certainly accomplished this goal.

I’m sold…I love these collars. Please visit their website at www.uplandanddownstream.com

Setter Feathers…see you on the Colorado prairies!



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