>Waiting on Chickens

>It’s always coldest just before the chickens arrive…behold, a slice of lesser prairie chicken heaven somewhere in southern Kansas sand sage country. Unfortunately, this 40,000 acre ranch was recently lost due to the economy. I just hope that the new owners are stewards of the chickens on their land as the previous tenants were.

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  1. Andy W. says:

    >In all of my upland hunting experience, there is nothing comparable to waiting for chickens to fly into the corn fields. The greasewood comes alive with calling chickens and they fly in fast and furious. It's a neat encounter. Wish I could have shot straight when I was in Kansas. Andy

  2. Mike Spies says:

    >ShawnI have my first actual hunt for prairie chickens scheduled for late Sept of this year in Nebraska. I have never hunted them before, but they have been on the bucket list for a while. Now is the time.M

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