The other day a family from church was moving and needed some help loading up their truck. My daughters and I decided to go over and help them even though the rain was pouring down. As we moved various items of furniture and exercise equipment, we set aside in their garage all of the things that they planned to sell in a yard sale. I couldn’t help but notice a nice shiny recurve bow laying up against the wall as if it too would be part of the sale.

With my curiosity piqued, I asked the head of the house, “Dean, would you like to sell that bow?” “Sure, we don’t have a string for it and we have never even shot it.” Dean answered. Then came the magic question, “How much do you want for it?” Dean replied hesitantly, “Five Dollars . . . Is that too much?” “No, that would be fine,” I stated trying to hide the excitement in my voice. You see, I have wanted to get a long bow or a recurve for a long time, but never seemed to have the funds to do so. My dad and brothers are big time into archery and I enjoy it too, but have never bow hunted. Unfortunately, I did not have five dollars in my pocket at the time.

A while later, I walked over, picked up the bow, and turned it in my hands. The bow is made of wood and fiberglass and has a leather grip. On the right side near the handle is a brass colored medallion with a bear insignia and the word “Bear” below it. It didn’t take me long to recognize that this bow is a Fred Bear, “Grizzly” . . . a bow from the most famous traditional archer himself. That did it for me! Before we took the load over to the family’s new house, I zipped home in my car and bummed five dollars from my wife (Thanks Kris!).

I know, I know . . . I need another hobby like I need an enema, but I am really excited to start “getting close” to my quarry. Watch out rabbits, blue and ruffed grouse, and turkeys! Heck, maybe I’ll even try to hunt some big game (once I learn how to shoot straight).

I guess if there is a moral to this story, it is that no good deed goes unnoticed. Of course, we should never serve others with the expectation of receiving something in return. We should do it because it is the right thing to do. However, had I not been helping others at the time, I would not have found this awesome bow for such a great price. Yes, we are truly blessed when we serve each other.

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  1. Dale Hernden says:

    Fred Bear's factory, store, offices and museum were in Grayling, MI the same city as LoBank. He was an avid fly fisherman as well as a hunter.Recently, the family moved the museum to Florida and it left a big hole in the heart of Michigan sportsman.Andy, I'd feel guilty only paying $5.00 Do you steal candy from baby's too? (Just kidding of course)Dale

  2. Can't wait to see that beauty! I love Bear bows and wouldn't mind getting a few of my own!

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