>Grandson, Great Reads and Awaited Painful Anticipation

>Yesterday I was in the office examining a client’s nice setter-dogs and getting them ready for the up and coming bird dog season. The first thing out of his mouth as I entered the exam room was “Only 90 more days”…that exact thought occupied my mind yesterday (01 June 2009) as I bounced into work!

My grandson, Liam, was born last month, and I’m happy to report that mom and grandchild are doing great! I’m not sure if he’s a right hander or not…so I haven’t bought his fly rod/reel or smooth bore just yet! But…I do fore see a shag-runner in his near future! What’s better than setter slobber? I’m a very proud grandpa to say the least…even at 41!

I’m currently reading Mike Gaddis’ new book “Legend’s Legacy”…just out this week! It’s very good! If you haven’t read “Zip Zap” or “Jenny Willow“, I would strongly urge you to do so! Mike has quickly become one of my favorite bird dog authors!

I’m also very excited to see that William G. Tapply has a new & much anticipated book to be out the first of October 2009! I’ve already reserved my copy from Amazon.com. To read more about Bill’s book, Google Skyhorse Publishers which is Nick Lyon’s son’s new company. I personally feel that Bill is a world class author (and I know my brother Andy feels the same way!)

I’m really looking forward to Fall 2009! The economy woes won’t keep me from the uplands this year…it didn’t last year either! Walter and I have a great trip planned to NC Kansas where the birds should be great! I saw lots and lots of rough-neck roosters in Kansas this past Spring while courting long beards with a stick and string!

Oh…there may be some fly fishing this Summer for me too! Fly fishing to me is something you do to get ya in-between-the-crazies…before the dogs can be loosed for chasing birds! Penn’s Creek and the Little J and even Spruce Creek are calling my name for early July! I’ll keep ya posted and disseminate the info as it happens!

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  1. Dale Hernden says:

    >The only thing better than setter slobber is Elhew pointer slobber. Bring that boy up right!

  2. Andy W. says:

    >Shawn, I am excited for Tapply’s new book too! He is one of the best outdoor authors living. I have to respectfully disagree on another thing you said. Fly-fishing is more than just a pasttime between birdhunting seasons. . . . It’s a way of life! Hope you find that out on those Pennsylvania spring creeks. Good post. Andy

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